Looking For Tagalog Tutor in Cebu

Looking For Tagalog Tutor in Cebu

Hi, I’m looking for Tagalog tutor. I want to learn Tagalog for business and personal reason. I love learning this language because I can communicate with my loved ones and friends and I can use it to grab opportunities in my business. I can also use it to write my essay for college students. In my work place, I use it to prepare my boss a report that he would need for his presentation. I can also use it in order to ask my friends who I have spent time talking to in Tagalog.

My friend is Filipino and I would like to have some conversation in her native tongue. But since I only know Tagalog, I can’t really ask her in her language. I need a way of asking her without showing my irritation and putting her in inconvenience. I don’t want her to feel bad because of my selfishness. So I’m looking for someone who can help me with my problem.

Since I can’t find any reliable teacher in the Philippines, I need to find someone who can teach me in my own home. My partner and I are planning to visit Cebu city in northern Philippines. So my first search is on the internet. I want looking for Tagalog tutor that will teach me in my own home. If possible, I would want lessons delivered by live, in our own home.

The first website that I want to look for is live lessons, teach Filipino ( Tagsalog). This website has an interface that allows me to teach my partner with my knowledge in using the language. I can also check my student’s progress regularly.

Second website is Cebuano Language Learning Guide. On this site, you can find different tutors for different skill sets. The cost is not too high so we can have a lesson by lesson basis. The site also offers different ways on how you can communicate with other language learners. I can read some reviews and see testimonials about cebuano language learners on this site.

Third website is ATeens Languages. This is a site that offers different learning materials for different levels. It also has an option for my student’s name to be placed on the page when she pays for an online course or a DVD. With this option, I will know the learning materials that she has used. This website is very good when it comes to looking for a Tagalog tutor in Cebu.