A great look into the Chianti wine tasting

A great look into the Chianti wine tasting

The Chianti wine tasting (degustazione vino chianti) is one of the most traditional and enjoyable ways to learn about this Italian wine. Chianti is a type of red wine that is grown in Tuscany. Producing Chianti requires grape harvesting during late summer when the grapes are ripe. The winemaker then ferments these grapes for two weeks in stainless steel vats before being transferred into oak barrels to age for at least 12 months. This process creates an incredibly rich flavour profile with hints of fruit and spice.

The reasons

1. The different types of Chianti wines

There are several chianti wines to be explored, each with its distinct flavour. The three most popular varieties include:

-Chianti Classico Riserva – the original version is a much more robust wine that can age for up to 30 years! It has notes of black cherry and plum as well as hints of cocoa powder.

-Chianti CollinePisane – this type includes grapes from both hillsides around Pisa in Italy. This one also offers unique tastes, including orange peel, anise seed, tobacco, leather and cherries.

However, it is less intense than the classico riserva but still has many bold flavours.

2. Reviews

Whether you are a wine novice or an expert, the chianti tasting experience is sure to please. Many reviewers have described drinking Chianti as “being between drinking and eating,” which speaks volumes about its richness and complexity.

3. The beautiful setting

Stunning views will accompany a visit to any winery. Chianti vineyards are located in the hills of Tuscany, which is full of rolling green pastures and ancient castles. It truly is a breathtaking sight that you don’t want to miss out on!

4. The winemakers

The family-run vineyards offer a unique perspective on how to grow and age wine. Chianti wines can be aged for decades, but many modern producers have taken advantage of technology that allows them to speed up this process.